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abstract figure painting series _ blk acrylic _ 720 x 1020mm
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“I have an entire forest living inside of me and you have carved your initials into every tree.”

—   Pavana पवन  (via sarita-aline)

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“As time goes on, you’ll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t. Time solves most things. And what time can’t solve, you have to solve yourself.”

—   Haruki Murakami (via nyu-tah)

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“We have lived in forgetfulness for a long time.”

—   Thich Nhat Hanh’s translation of the “Beginning Anew” mantra

“I wish I could say everything in one word. I hate all the things that can happen between the beginning of a sentence and the end.”

—   Leonard Cohen  (via zadrzi-svoj-dah)

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I’m all give and no take and shit is getting old

“If it is nothing fearful for the elements themselves that one should continually change into another, why should anyone look with suspicion upon the change and dissolution of all things ? For this is in accord with nature, and nothing evil is in accord with nature.”

—    Marcus Aurelius, Meditations II §17

L’Imprimée ..*


L’Imprimée ..*